Leaving for Lombok

I don’t know what happened, I was looking for an answer. A way to lose cell phone service. I pretty much achieved what I was looking for. I needed to remove myself from the civilization that was still familiar. I guess the westernization had just gotten to me. The over populated streets. Places to shop. It became a bit much.

I’d never seen a place thast was lit by the moonlight, little to no light pollution. It was a dream. The streets were wide, the landscape hardly touched. Yeah, vegan food wouldnt be easy. But, there would at least be some sort of fruits and vegetables.

Jacket: Golden Bear
Tshirt: Goodwear USA
Pants: Deadstock Vintage (No label)
Handkerchief: Made from Japanese Boro
Hat: SanteFe Railroad Train Conductors cap
Le Coeur
Footwear: Shoes Like Pottery