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Photos by  Estevan Cruz  2015 Portland, OR.

Photos by Estevan Cruz 2015 Portland, OR.

Do you recall how your last dream began? You were probably just in the middle of it, no credits or title sequence. This is your view in to my dream, you're starting in the middle. I will do my best to recap as we move along.

Travel was something I desired since I was a child. I sat on my grandmothers porch in Chicago, and I knew there was more to the world than what my eyes could see from the porch. Every time we got in the car we went to another place that was new to me. When I watched tv there were places that looked different from the backyard. The people, the food, the cartoons, everything was of a different life than the one I was familiar with.

Now as a man, I have traveled to 5 countries and who knows how many cities within and outside of the United States. Travel has given me a real world education that I didn't touch the crust of in elementary school history classes. Seeing the people, the cultures, hearing the languages, enjoying the food all excites me and gives me new perspective. There are many different ways to exist and live in the world. 


Each time you visit somewhere, it will never be the same the next time you visit. The same way as when you photograph the sky it will never look that way or have the same cluster of clouds again. Everything is changing rapidly, so I learned to enjoy it all now. There is always a reason not to engage in something. Yet, we need more ways to say yes to ourselves and live this one life that we have for us right now.

I believe that anything is possible in this world. Every thing you desire is possible when you decide and give yourself permission to go and get it.

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