Learning To Live


There are so many different ways to live on this earth. From region, to type of home, rituals, world views. All of these things impact the way that we live. Tradition probably leads the way out of all of those. We learn from one another, whether it be family, friends, or the community that is made up of that bunch. For 16 days I learned another way to live with like minds who hoped to have a lighter impact on the world. 

In my current life I try to reduce the amount of plastic I use, I don't own a car, and I like to walk everywhere since I take so many photos. It naturally works out. I eat a largely vegan diet by choice for health and respext to the other creatures we occupy this earth with. Its just one of the many diets we can survive on as human beings. Yet, there is more to it than that. In the modern world, we dispose of our unwanted things after consumption with disregard to the whole process of how it arrived in our hands. It goes beyond us commuting to the shop or ordering online to get it. We eat food that we have no idea of the hands it's passed through or how it was packaged before it makes it way into our hands and then our bodies. To be so disconnected from the processes reduces our ability 

to have a proper education in our impact and consumption. This is a long way of saying, I wanted to know more than I already knew. I wanted to understand how to be more concious of my impact and alternate ways of living. What of these other ways could I bring into my own life. How could I encourage others to take care of our collective home and inevitably self.

We all have our work cut out for us in this regard. I will not doomsday or scare you as you read this. 


Preparation is an art. Imagine watching your meal being prepared in front of you rather than in a kitchen. Would you not be more engaged with your food seeing its structure being built before your eyes? Below is matcha, Yuzu, and a risoto made with tea.

RRBCOBali, Indonesia