0. Your Introduction

An old friend once said to me, "you're writing your personal legend." Now, I feel as if I am living it. I'm not quite sure where the journey started. But, it seems that I am living the sum of all the lives that have past. Ones remembered and ones the amnesia haven't let go of yet. Do I even want to remember all of them? Let's start with being now here. 

This is your introduction, like a dream you don't know where it all starts. You're just in it, and it is all happening. "What is "it"?" you probably want to ask. Yet, everything is already going in vivid detail and too much is happening so you have to pay attention. Whatever it is, you're a part of it. A part of it all. You were created the same way all of the things your senses relay to your brain. 

There is no smell, there may not even be sound. Yet, you're sooooo fully engaged.

You forgot to remember that you're traveling, and the story isn't linear. There is no beginning you will ever identify and every move and every thought alters the next thing yet not the destination. You live in multiple worlds you see. None of which are the same. You don't even know how to describe it, yet the words you use are the only way you can communicate it for someone to even taste a small piece of your experience. In agreement nodding their head and the words you share are the ones they would pick. You speak the same mundane language. So, they claim to understand. How can another understand what you don't understand yet, as it is your own experience?

Enough already with the questions. 

Personal LegendRRBCO