Aegis for Alchemy


{ Guardian of a process that transforms someone in a mysterious or impressive way. }



We may not find the magic pill to heal all wounds, however what we will do is the labor. Co-creating a space to hold, protect, and usher forth sensitivities that yield growth. The ones that stand amongst the genius within. Empowering confidence which shines awareness on inner truth deserving of celebration. This is where the “You” resides. In laughter, a weep, shudder or release. We may use earth, fire, and breathe to aid this restorative undertaking.

The wise (wo)man you seek may appear in many forms and faces in unsuspecting places. The winter, the warmth, the downpour as your emotions wither and sprout. Gifting and granting permission to release and accept yourself in totality. There are shadows, there is light, through balance brings peace. Whichever may come, know that all things one day cease.

I humbly serve as intuitive guide in support of your journey of self-love and discovery. Formally a practitioner of spiritual alchemy that unearths the inner mystique in one’s self.



Request to Meet


{All appointments are taken referral or submitted request only}


This intuitively co-curated immersion is based on what we are to uncover and work with. The duration of your session will last minimum 3 hours. As this is a request, your desired dates are tentative. The receipt of a response within 24-48 hours will serve as acceptance of your request.

Immersion possibilities:

Tea & ThetaHealing
Five Element Mending
Sensorial Meditation
or other untitled methods


valuation: 300 USD / 4.25K IDR
DUration: 3 Hours (180 minutes)